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How to claim

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We hope you and those closest to you are keeping well in these challenging times.

We have created this website to enable you to easily request permission from each brewer whose draught beer or cider you stock to destroy this where it is unsaleable due to the current closure period and once permission has been obtained, to provide evidence of its destruction.

This will facilitate the process of excise duty reclaim on spoilt beer and cider from HMRC by each brewer and the process of crediting you for reclaimed excise duty in accordance with individual brewer policy.

Create your profile NOW to register your containers, based on brand and supplier. Early action will allow time for any further instructions to be sent to you by the relevant brewer prior to any final confirmation that unsaleable beer can be destroyed.

The data which you provide will only be used by brewers in order to administer the stock destruction and excise duty reclaim process and for no other purpose. Further detail on how brewers will process licensees’ personal data is available on the website.

This website is only applicable to the brands owned by those brewers whose logos are listed. If you would like to seek permission for the destruction of a brand that is not listed you will need to contact your supplier directly. Whilst the site has been developed for broad use across the sector, licensees who run a Managed or Leased & Tenanted pub are reminded of the need to check with their pub operator first before attempting to use the site to clarify whether an alternative approach is preferred.

Watch how to claim

How to claim

We have been working to make this process as easy as possible for you, while helping you to receive your duty back quickly. Follow the steps below to make your claim now and submit online.


How to dispose of your beer

It is necessary to consider any environmental risks associated with beer destruction and whether it is possible to divert unsaleable beer for alternative uses, such as for agricultural/commercial animal feed. This should be considered with suppliers, along with options for retrieval, as part of seeking permission from the brand owner prior to destroying beer.

After permission is obtained from the brand owner to destroy waste beer, it is then necessary to apply for permission through your wholesaler or sewerage provider to dispose of the waste beer. Disposal of wastewater liquids derived from normal operational activities i.e. those generated through routine food and drink service, including cleaning processes, do not require permission from your wholesaler.

Licensees should note that whilst most water wholesalers have agreed to reinstate a simplified, fee-free process for applications to destroy beer, this is not the case for all wholesalers. Further details on this can be found here.


What you need to claim

You will need the following to make a claim:

  • Keg details (brand, size, Keg code, best before date). There are tool tips throughout the claims form to help you.
  • Delivery details
  • Photos of the keg
  • Number of taps at your location for the keg
  • You MUST have your Supplier Account Number to hand
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Are you Eligible?

If you are a licensed outlet with kegs and casks that need to have Duty reclaimed, you are eligible for reimbursement on the excise duty paid for the remaining liquid. If you wish to understand specifically how you will be compensated by the participating Brewers, please defer to your supplier.

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You can create an account now to begin the process of submitting your containers. If you have more than one location you can download our helpful spreadsheet and register your group of outlets

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Submit your records for processing and recovery of excise duty. Each Brewer will send you a notification of when you can destroy your liquid.

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