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Welcome to the Group section of the website.

We have created this tool to make it as easy as possible for you to set up your multiple outlets and get them on their way.

Some key features you can use here as opposed to simply going through as single outlets are as follows;

  • Spreadsheet upload for multiple accounts
  • Email trigger invitation to all of your outlets
  • Group admin login so you can see all your venue claims

Some pointers to be aware of.

  • You need an individual email address per venue
  • You need someone onsite to do the claim and recording of the destruction
  • Subject to Government guidance the scheme will stay open for the foreseeable future
  • The participating Brewers will validate your claim at Outlet level
  • Credit will be returned via your Supplier

Please proceed and register now as a Group account and you will then have access to carry out the rest of the setup process.

Register as a Group or Chain of Outlets

Step 1 Your profile details

This is the legal name HMRC would recognize as your company trading under. Please enter this if it differs from your Outlet Name.

Accurate mailing address for this location.

The phone number that will be answered during lockdown in case we need to reach you.

Step 2 Create login details

Step 3 Save and consent